Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What is cookie less session?

Posted by Rahul Kharde at 8:56 PM

Session is stored on the server. Each session associated with ID (unique ID, known as a Session ID). This ID is stored in client's cookie as well, but in case of cookieless sessions, ID is stored in the URL

Generally this Session ID will be stored in cookie, for every request, browser will send this cookie back to server and will track the user session and restore correct user session back for that request.

Asp.net also supports cookieless sessions with the following attribute addition in the web.config within system.web node

<sessionstate cookieless="true" />

The possible values for "cookieless" attribute are:
  • AutoDetect : Session uses background cookie if cookies are enabled. If cookies are disabled, then the URL is used to store session information.
  • UseCookie: Session always use background cookie. This is default.
  • UseDeviceProfile: Session uses background cookie if browser supports cookies else URL is used.
  • UseUri: Session always use URL.

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