Thursday, March 14, 2013

What Is XAML?

Posted by Rahul Kharde at 4:48 AM

XAML or Extensible Application Markup Language (pronounced "zammel") is a XML based language used to create rich GUI’s.

  • XAML specifies the user interface for Silverlight or WPF application.
  • XAML is used declare controls on Silverlight or WPF Page. 
  • In simple terms XAML Page is similar to .Aspx Page in website. 
  • In .Aspx Page we use Html to form UI, while in XAML we use Xml to form UI
  • It supports both vector and bitmap images 
  • XAML is a new markup language which is used for defining UI elements and its relationships with other UI elements. 
  • XAML is a XML document which defines objects and properties and WPF loads this document in actual memory. 
  • Using XAML, you can create any kind of objects that means graphical or non-graphical. 
  • XAML is a declarative XML-based language by which you can define object and properties in XML 
  • XAML document is loaded by a XAML parser. XAML parser instantiates objects and set their properties. XAML describes objects, properties and there relation in between them. WPF parses the XAML document and instantiates the objects and creates the relation as defined by XAML.
Advantages of XAML
  • XAML code is short and clear to read
  • Separation of designer code and logic
  • Graphical design tools like Expression Blend require XAML as source.
  • The separation of XAML and UI logic allows it to clearly separate the roles of designer and developer.

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