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Design patterns

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Types of Design patterns
Creational Design Patterns
Structural Design Patterns
Behavioral Design Patterns

Creational Design Patterns
·         Creational patterns are ones that create objects for you, rather than having you instantiate objects directly.
·         This gives your program more flexibility in deciding which objects need to be created for a given case.
·         Generally deal with relationships between entities, making it easier for these entities to work

1)    Abstract Factory

2)    Builder
3)    Factory Method
4)    Prototype
5)    Singleton

Structural Design Patterns
Structural patterns help you compose groups of objects into larger structures, such as complex user interfaces or accounting data.

1)    Adapter

2)    Bridge
3)    Composite
4)    Decorator
5)    Facade
6)    Flyweight
7)    Proxy

Behavioral Design Patterns       
            Behavioral patterns help you define the communication between objects in your system and how the flow is controlled in a complex program.

1)    Chain of Responsibility
2)    Command

3)    Interpreter
4)    Iterator
5)    Mediator
6)    Memento
7)    Observer
8)    State
9)    Strategy
10) Template Method
11) Visitor  

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